Meat and the American Mind

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Meat is absolutely delicious. Most people in the world enjoy a nice meat dish from time to time. Some of the more popular kinds of meat are filet mignon and New York strip steak. Also popular are different kinds of chicken and pork. All of these different types of meat are prepared in different ways all around the world. These diverse styles of preparations make meat one of the most intriguing food types on the planet. Besides vegetarians, nearly everybody loves the taste of meat in their mouths. Succulent, scrumptious, delicious and amazing, all these words can be used to describe different meat dishes.

One of the most common types of chicken in the nation is buffalo chicken. Named that because of it's origins in Buffalo, New York. In it's home city of Buffalo most people just refer to them as "wings" or "chicken wings" rather than buffalo wings. Buffalo chicken has taken the country by storm. What makes something buffalo chicken is that it is always a wing. Traditionally they are then covered in a sauce with a base of cayenne pepper hot sauce and butter or margarine. However, many other sauces can be substituted. Restaurants often have sauces that range from sweet such as mango or extremely hot such as the cleverly named "extreme hot sauce". There are thousands of restaurants nation wide that serve buffalo chicken wings and they're probably the most popular chicken style in America.

Another very well liked meat dish is pork. Probably the most popular form of pork is ribs. Ribs are, as one might expect, the ribs of a pig. As with chicken wings discussed earlier, there are many different ways to serve ribs. The most popular would probably be slathered in barbecue sauce. Barbecue sauce is popular all across the country and many different states all claim that they have the best. For an added kick to their barbecue ribs, some websites suggest that people put on a sauce that includes hot sauce, barbecue sauce, and apple juice for a spicy, tangy flavor.

Pork can also be served in little pieces called pork chops. Pork chops are very popular in America as well and are also often served with barbecue sauce. For the family on the go, of course a very common thing these days, some places suggest pork chops can be put in the microwave and breaded for a delicious and quick meal. Another interesting variation on pork chops calls for beer. Only one can is needed and the beer would most likely add a very interesting flavor to the meat. This suggestion of course is only for those who like the taste of beer. Don't worry or get excited though (depending on how you look at things) because the alcohol in the beer will be cooked off, leaving only the beer flavor so this recipe won't get anyone intoxicated.

As stated before, almost everyone likes a good piece of meat. For those so inclined, hopefully this included some helpful meat cooking tips.

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Meat and the American Mind

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This article was published on 2010/04/02